It's more important than ever to let our stories be heard. In whatever format you choose, your words and your experiences matter. I've been asked for years to help people with memoir or biographical writing. 


To that end, I'm doing a 3-part Masterclass, Write From The Heart. It's designed to

  • help you learn about what kind of memoir/biography you want to write, 

  • different ways to write it, 

  • fun exercises to further your goal, and 

  • give you a map - or outline - to know where your manuscript is going. 

By the end of the three classes you should be well on your way to know what to do on your own, with or without my help. You don't need previous memoir/biography experience or have a piece already written.


Class will come with three instructive videos ans supplamental material as well as email correspondence from me on editng 5 pages of your work. After purchase, contact me to set up your editing services.

Write From The Heart Masterclass